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Tidbit History – The Map That Became a Book

In 1881, on a cold August day in the Scottish Highlands, a young author entertaining his stepson drew a map. As the map became more elaborate, he started to invent the inhabitants of this new land.  Soon he was writing a chapter a day and reading each day’s installment to his wife and enthusiastic stepson. …

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Tidbit History – Robert Lawson, Author & Illustrator

Robert Lawson, born in NYC in 1892, claimed no special talent for, or desire to be an artist. However, his early years were spent living in the house once owned by American landscape painter, George Innes. Evidently he imbibed the spirit earning his first dollar as an artist in a high school poster contest. After …

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In 1899 L. Frank Baum  collaborated with W. W. Denslow on their best-seller FATHER GOOSE, HIS BOOK. Its success encouraged Baum to write another book based on a bedtime story he had been telling his four sons. Wishing to make the book as enjoyable to look at as to read, no expense was spared. In …

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