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Tidbit Histories – Books for the Million! A Dollar Book for a Dime!!

In 1858 three gentlemen, Erastus & Irwin Beadle and Robert Adams, moved to New York from Buffalo where they had been publishing a children’s magazine, “The Youth’s Casket.” Irwin, the printer in the group, advertised a Dime Song-Book followed by a Dime Cook Book along with other non-fiction. But this was only a prelude to …

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Tidbit History – Darn! Who Wrote That Book.

We all have favorite books from our childhood, many of which are beloved classics with well-known authors like A. A. Milne or Kenneth Graham or Rudyard Kipling. But we have all had the experience of trying in vain to remember the title, much less the author of an equally beloved book. Trying in vain with …

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