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Tidbit Histories – Peter Parley Teaches Children to Love Learning!

Samuel Goodrich was born in Connecticut, in 1793, the son of a Congregational minister. In the late 18th century, most reading available for children was either fairy tales or moral tales. Consequently his early reading consisted of Jack the Giant Killer, Puss in Boots and the like. But it was enough to engender a love …

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Tidbit Histories – Louisa May Alcott’s original title, “The Pathetic Family”

Louisa May Alcott’s father, Bronson Alcott, proved a better philosopher, counting Thoreau and Emerson as close friends, than he did a provider. When Louisa published her first story in 1852, she realized that her writing could be a much needed source of income for their family. She soon found success in writing lurid stories for …

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