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Tidbit Histories – Huck Finn Garners Caustic Reviews!

THE ADVENTURES OF TOM SAWYER, (See previous Post “Mark Twain Writes Children’s Book by Mistake), Twain’s work based on his own childhood memories, was published in 1876 to enthusiastic but cautious reviews. Sales were slow to pick up which perhaps contributed to Twain taking an additional ten years to complete its sequel. If reviews of …

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Tidbit Histories – Mark Twain Writes Children’s Book by Mistake.

In the summer of 1874 S. L. Clemens began a book based largely on his own childhood in Hannibal, Missouri. After a few weeks, he put the book aside and didn’t return to it until the following summer. He finished it in July of 1875 and only them, after getting friends to read it, did …

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