Tidbit Histories – Alphabet books from A-Z and Beyond!

If you were a child in colonial America, you would probably start your school day by reciting “In Adams Fall / We Sinned all.” From that day to this, two things in the classroom have remained constant, children and alphabet books.

Countless authors have invented variants on the staple “A is for apple” and a gaggle of artists have tried to make a picture of a boy to accompany “B is for Boy” exciting enough to encourage preschoolers to link oral language with its written counterpart.

By the late 20th century the alphabet book had evolved into such wondrous books as ANNO’S ALPHABET  by Mitsumasa Anno and ALPHA BETA CHOWDER by Jeanne and William Steig.  But to contend with the complexities of modern life, once again the sage Dr. Seuss expressed it best in ON BEYOND ZEBRA:

“In the places I go there are things that I see /That I never could spell if I stopped with the Z …This is really great stuff! / And I guess the old alphabet / ISN’T enough!”Abc8

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