Letters from Kids Who Will Read
For the Rest of Their Lives!

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Ali's letter to Bob

. . . I am going to be sad that you aren't going to be reading to me anymore. But I can always read on my own.

Gillian's letter

I liked the story with the grandpa that everyone thought was crazy.

Kayla's "Thank You" letter

Thank you for bringing us bookmarks. I always seem to need them.

Greg's letter

Everyone here at the Bergens really like you and look up to you like a role-model.

Sally's letter

You have made me interested in all types of books not just one specific genre.

Emma's letter

I feel like I'm in the story while you read.

Brooke's letter

. . .you also inspire me to read out-loud.

Callie's letter

I loved every book, but my favorite was the soccer story about the angles and devils.

Sydney's letter

Listening to someone read to us is a real treat since no one usually does.

Meghan's letter

You have shown me how beautiful speaking out loud is.

Sarah's letter

I also love your expression, “Your life is a story.”

Taylor's letter

. . . I am Jewish too and it was fun to hear a Jewish story for once.