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Welcome to Read Me a Story, Ink. An outgrowth of my 20-year hobby of reading aloud in the public schools and my 40 years as a bookseller, Read Me A Story, Ink is offered for the use of teachers, educators, parents or anyone who enjoys reading to children. Originally simply an index of the stories which I have collected to read to children, Read Me a Story Ink has grown to include recommended reading lists, links to other great sites, and many printable, public domain stories from the index. Enjoy!

My philosophy: Reading aloud is one of the absolute nicest activities for adults and children to share. It creates warm bonds, opens a child's mind to new ideas, forms topics of discussion thus keeping lines of communication open and creates a positive role model for the child to become a lifetime reader.

A note on grade levels: The grade rating that appears on each entry assumes that the story is being read aloud. Since listening level is one or two years above reading level, a grade 5 story on this list may, though not necessarily, be a little difficult for your fifth grader to read on their own.

Picture Books: The books on the “Great Picture Books” page is a genuine “people’s choice” list which includes titles from my personal collection as well as favorites from teachers, parents, children and children’s librarians. Bon appetite!

A note to authors: If you are the author, illustrator or copyright holder of any of the stories in this index, please contact me here. I am seeking permission to reprint, record and make available on this web site the stories on this list. —Robert Topp, proprietor, The Hermitage Bookshop