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The Chanukah Duck

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Rating: 5
Grade Level: 3, 4, 5
Page count: 8
Categories: Hanukkah, Jewish



Appeared in

Winter Blessings

Story Summary

The Gold family was so poor they didn't have candles for Chanukah, not even a dreidel for the children to play with until ... a duck came a tap - tap - tapping at their door in the middle of winter and with a beautiful brass dreidel on his beak. A miracle ... who knows ... but the Golds had a Chanukah complete with dreidel games and potato latkes.

From the book, “WINTER BLESSINGS” – available on Amazon, audible and more. Links to purchase at Izzy Abrahmson is the author of The Village Life series, and a pen name for storyteller Mark Binder.