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The Magic Keyboard

Story Stats

Rating: 5
Grade Level: 5, 6, 7, 8
Page count: 11
Categories: Authors, Fantasy, Magic



Appeared in

The Magic Shop

Story Summary

In an act of exasperation, unsuccessful author, Ethelfreda Feldsnitch, throws her keyboard out of her third floor window. The next day she visits a magic shop in search of a job, but the owner, refusing to hire her, sells her a quill pen guaranteed to inspire her writing. Unfortunately the pen once belonged to Charles Dickens and all she can write is Charles Dickens' novels. After a few more failed attempts with enchanted writing implements, her eyes fall on a magic keyboard which finally helps her produce a highly original and successful novel. When she returns to the shop to thank the owner, she discovers that it is simply her old keyboard, not magic at all, and that all she needed was to believe in herself.